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💆 Expert Woman Teaches Boy How to Massage | Vietnamese Boy | ASMR video

Official ASMR Barber video: 💆 Expert Woman Teach Teaches Boy How to Massage | Vietnamese Boy | ASMR video
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  • 9.15 just miss by a second

  • Being vietnamese myself, it was pretty relaxing watching the massage as she instructs him. Shes goos hands on instructor.

  • 3:55 that s some WWE shit right there

  • It's funny how she looks always angry!

  • Could you please go to Arizona and do a Amsr head shave video. With the barber Angel on Route 66?. But please let him talk..but softly.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JK1phNvHZWM

  • T.T.

    Author Reply

    Excellent…very therapeutic and unique having an instructor there. Great for ASMR. Thank-you !

  • I bet when he is 60 and he stubs his toe it would be like thanos snapped his foot away.

  • Ricoooo necesito un masaje así.

  • Che bello! interessantissimo 🙂 grazie Massimo

  • Ye its interesting

  • Класс

  • The master teaching the apprentice, most impressive

  • jor_rjor_r

    Author Reply

    At least if he ever forgets her instructions he can watch this video. 😎

  • RikkiRikki

    Author Reply

    The hamstring stretching part seems great, i've got tight hamstrings :/

  • Wow! Anche la lezione di massaggio, non vi fate mancare niente! Forte! Ottimo video✌️⭐⭐

  • Yes! I love your videos but I watch at work to keep me just distracted enough to focus on what I'm doing so I just listen. I can't use a lot of your videos because they are visual and no talking. I Love this one!!

  • The woman is expert . 👍👍👍

  • Com'è stato fare da cavia?

  • Grazie per condividere i tuoi video per me sono preziosi, lascia perdere i commenti negativi, la gente non è mai contenta 😬 Silvia estetista da Torino

  • When did Jerry Seinfeld shave his head and start getting massages on youtube?

  • Ma vai a lavorare va!

  • is massimo a boy or a girl? surely he's not a man or a woman.

  • coppy form thailand.

  • EsmeEsme

    Author Reply

    She is a very hands on teacher. I felt scared of her at some point 😂

  • How Massimo doesn’t even so much as moan in the least bit, tells me his body is like a big noodle.

  • Hi HiHi Hi

    Author Reply

    Starting at 10:34 I'm literally lmao. Lol.

  • FotekFotek

    Author Reply

    Why did they choose to give you an apprentice? Would make more sense to use someone experienced while being on camera. I'd presume you pay extra for filming too in some cases.

  • Always the Guinea pig lol… just testing all kinds of random stuff out on you.

  • thumb nail looks like he's about to pummel your face lmao

  • i bet hes exhausted after a day of work.

  • i need to spend a week here.

  • Tem brasileiro aqui?

  • With a bit more aggression, that young man could be as interesting as the black belted chiropractor. The lady is teaching him how to his people knots.

  • So…. They dont actually know about joints n pressure points? Dont feel comfortable.

  • stst

    Author Reply


  • PaulPaul

    Author Reply

    Unbelievable technics!!!

  • ChrisChris

    Author Reply

    Stop calling them boy and girl

  • Scissoring… looks… fun

  • https://youtu.be/x1iTUZdgghc?t=327 lol the look he gave the camera. "Did you see that? Jesus."

  • From the thumbnail, it looks like she's doing the cutthroat gesture. 😂

  • this is cool 🙂 thanks for sharing the experience

  • Titolo un po' ambiguo 😂

  • I would like to see a massage done by by the expirt girl =D

  • He's great! He's going to be a fantastic masseur.

  • Hi from Poland

  • Per fortuna che sei elastico e abbastanz snodato.. io mi romperei tutta. Bel video!!

  • That Thumbnail 😂😂😂

  • Weird but good :')

  • Can you use “woman” and “man” instead of “boy” “girl” put some respect on these grown people lol