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35mm vs 50mm – Best First Prime Lens?

We’ve given you 5 reasons why you should own a 50mm lens( and 5 reasons why you should own a 35mm( – they’re both good choices for your first prime lens. Choosing your first prime lens is like choosing your first love, we all know how that feels when you make the wrong choice. So which lens should you buy?

Pricing Reference:
Canon EF 35mm f/2 IS USM:
Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM:

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  • oh ok i just bought 2 canon's 1DX mk II and have in each a 35mm and a 50mm, couldn't decide anyway, since then i have been taking photos of my Lamborghini's all the time

    reality: bought the canon 50mm 1.8 because its the cheaper and i still think is expensive.

  • bnbnbnbn

    Author Reply

    I am suffering from decision paralysis and thus finally decided to go for both. Will spend more money but at least not repent of not buying the other one😁

  • 1:19 a glitch in the matrix

  • did anyone else notice the girl casually pull out an AR? XDDDD

  • that guy in 1:13 must be really awkward

  • It's 40mm.

  • 2020

  • Everyone likes bigger lens ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • they key to understand this dude is to have irony trait maxed out man.. can you just say it more straightforward…….

  • dpkdzdpkdz

    Author Reply

    The 35mm is WIDER so I'm choosing it.

  • 50mm for me

  • Your videos are brilliant. They always make me smile and deliver wisdom at the same time. I’m kinda new to photography (hence being the first comment here in 5 years) so don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, but with the knowledge and experience I do have I prefer 35mm for street and 50mm for portrait and product.

  • This is for a full frame camera but for a crop whits APC is it different. Than is 50 to long than better 24 mm and 35 in full frame en cropt 36 and 52 mm. And it is not only the background but also the compresie of the images. More mm more pressing the image. That can you see in this movie.

  • 50mm.. No questions asked 🙂

  • The Canon 10-18 EF-S is a great wide angle lens for crop sensor. One of their better non L lens. The 35 f/2 IS is nice too. Not as good on crop sensor though. It's a short tele.on a crop.

  • Just got the canon 35f/2 today from Amazon. Been using it all day. I love it. Very sharp and easy to focus. Great on full frame like 6Dii but too long for crop sensor. 35mm is a good focal length on ff.

  • FemiFemi

    Author Reply

    So confused ! I have a canon m50 and not sure if 50mm will be better as I do a take a lot of pictures of food in restaurants….. need some advise pls 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • Why does this chick keep popping into the video?

  • 0:43 hot girlfriend. i wish i was a youtuber with kai's style and humour.

  • appearance doesn't match the accent, love it lol

  • I picked 35mm f/1.8 for my first prime (with 35mm film). I'd used my buddy's 50mm quite a bit and for most of the kind of photos I take I felt like I was shooting with blinders on, like I could never get far enough back to get the shot I really wanted.

    As soon as I tried a 35mm I thought "this is it".

  • What is ideal for crop frammed body?

  • i have a 40mm

  • How could to take photos on those pedestrians so naturally

  • So at 2:08 this nice girl with a machinegun? Yep 9mm is her favorit;)

  • Answer: Tamron 35mm F1.4

  • 85!!!

  • 1:33 did you just zoomed out in a prime lens?

  • Get 35mm on full frame then you can use it in crop mode and its around 50mm