Angry Birds 2 King Pig Panic! (DAILY CHALLENGE) – 3 LEVELS Gameplay Walkthrough Part 170

Angry Birds 2 King Pig Panic DAILY CHALLENGE 3 LEVELS
– (00:10 min) Angry Birds 2 King Pig Panic LEVEL 1 BOSS LEVEL KING PIG
– (03:19 min) Angry Birds 2 King Pig Panic LEVEL 2 BOSS LEVEL CHEF PIG
– (06:33 min) Angry Birds 2 King Pig Panic LEVEL 3 BOSS LEVEL FOREMAN PIG
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Angry Birds 2 WHAT’S NEW ?

FEATS! Earn great rewards for your accomplishments!
NEW HAT SETS! Fruitshades, Sports and Pharoah.
80 NEW LEVELS! Play the new Twin Beaks and Hog Warts chapters

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