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Array Along Path in Sketchup

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PathCopy allows you to select a path edge, curve, or polyline and then select a group or component to copy along the selected path. You can choose to copy the group or component to a set spacing by typing the distance into SketchUp’s Value Control Box VCB, or you can type 0 to copy to the path’s vertices. The group or component does not need to be on the path.

NOTE: PathCopy and PathCopyPro are currently built for plan-based copying. While they handle XYZ insert point positions, all copies will be placed with the G/C’s Z-axis parallel to the model’s default Z-axis. There are workarounds if you want to use it with other orientations.

Activate the tool by clicking on Plugins And then PathCopy

PathCopy will place the copies starting at the first endpoint (as identified by SketchUp to the plugin of the selected path, orienting the copies so that the X-axis is aligned to the path and points towards the next copy.

If you experience issues with your group or component “flipping” appearing on the opposite side of the path from what you expected, or in some other orientation than expected, change the axes of the group or component.

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