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Cannabis Use Disorder – causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, pathology

What is cannabis use disorder? Cannabis use disorder is the reliance on cannabis one gets from smoking marijuana to function normally. Find more videos at

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  • Been smokin since 15 andim 21 half of yall ppl thts been smokin for a year or 2 wht do yall mean u cant stop lol yall funny

  • Im 22, been smoking since 13, been smoking everyday day since 17 or 18. I want to quit so bad, but my life is so boring. I get no sleep I can't wake up in the mornings, work is a drag all day, no buddies, I can never rap my mind around conversations to be a part of them so I'm just left out, I'm always so clouded. I smoke 3.5gs in 2 days when I have the money, If it wasn't for weed I'd have almost twice the money to spend on things I actually need. I ask God for the strength all the time, we just need to trust in him and Jesus Christ, and they will lift us from our dark places

  • It made me relaxed and Dreamy yet nothing like LSD or Alcahole fun Though

  • i had that that before Alchalole

  • My understanding was that there have been studies (out of Australia if memory serves) which weighed in on the causal relation between mental health and cannabis use and it's direction.
    Are you aware if any? Or is it that there are mixed conclusions?

  • I know that feeling. You chillin around on sundays and one of your coworkers partied to hard the day before and now you have to come to work bc of that fucking asshole lol.

  • Been smokinh since I was 13 and now im 39. After a while it does opposite effects. When were young were stupid plain and simple. You will learn one way or the other and thats on you. I dont care if yall die from it in fact I hope yall do

  • If anyone knows a trip to getting rid of this bad habit? Please send comment or message, have someone young who can't quit and is having health problems

  • I’m 12 and love weed

  • Me I smoke

  • Smoked weed my first time at a party at 16, seeked it out from a friend at 17, never held a sober breath since and i'm nearly 19 lol

  • This was the best explanation of how cannabinoids work within the brain.

  • I can personally attest to the fact that marijuana is addictive.

  • To anyone who is having a hard time quitting. I am 19 and a month sober now from smoking every day pretty much since I was 16. Yeah I feel like shit and my anxiety is through the roof, but it is a relief knowing that I can finally see the other side. A life that isn't built around smoking and to actually try. I almost didn't graduate high school because all I did was smoke and never open a book…. Some people can get by and never have to study and still get all A's. But think to yourself…. how far is smoking gonna take you in life?? Moderation is key but at this point it's more a relief being sober minded 24/7 and actually knowing what I ate for breakfast yesterday. We're all stronger than we think we are. Push through the first week and stay away from your tempting stoner friends and you'll make it through 🙂

  • Who else is here watching this?

  • Moral of the story: the habits built around cannabis use can either make or break you!

  • still better than alcohol

  • I just used it once last nice and I lost my mind. Like literal psychotic break
    What happened?

  • Can someone please explain to me why potheads believe smoking weed is healthy. Since when is inhaling smoke from biological plant material healthy?

  • @2:09 those synapses high af

  • Weed addiction is real and people need to stop acting like it isnt a thing because it is people


  • When you take it and are depressed it is 100% a reliant

  • Who else high af🗣

  • But bro its plant bro how can plant hurt you bro please bro

  • People think that drugs are the problem . No, it’s always your own choice to put a substance into your body and I’m my case my own negligence and boredom caused an addiction.

  • Try to keep busy also

  • Marijuana can be addicted more like a dependency. It won’t ruin you’re life, you will.
    It doesn’t make you into a loser it’ll show you what type of person are you .
    Please stop comparing weed with other heavy drugs you fucking tweakers

  • I’ve been smoking bud since 15 I’m now 19 n only recently started getting weird effects, in the past 3 weeks I’ve had 3 separate effects which feel like panic attacks, I smoke then like 10 mins after out of no where my heart beats very fast and my throat becomes slightly blocked and swollen, this causes anxiety which makes It worse.

  • So…Been using for over 25 years, but did't want to stop, because it made me likable to other people…I am normally a perfectionist with more left brain tendencies, but I have smoked to become a right brain, creative, likable person. I actually used it to slow down my brain, because I think so much faster than other people and at the same time can be kind of arrogant.

  • i messed up also i am having severe heartbeats and migraine and mood swings but have to quit that for sure

  • watching this while smoking and my brain hurts when he talks about the brain🥴🥴

  • It gave me anxiety and dpdr but when I’m high I don’t feel those things at all, I never understood addicts until i became one.

  • I have been smoking the past 17 years of my life, and I got sick last week, stayed inside, and didn't smoke as much. Towards the end of last week, I started getting bad anxiety when I was smoking, and was trying to figure out what was going wrong with my body as I have never really experienced anxiety before. Well the anxiety was causing my feet and legs to feel funny like my nerves were getting damaged, and I couldn't move my legs so well, they felt shaky, weak, and sore for no apparent reasons. The anxiety also gave me really bad stomach issues, which made me feel bloated. I was far from thinking it was from smoking weed, and thought I could be having hypocalcemia from the feeling in my legs and feet. After indulging in some some vitamin D milk, and the next day the problems were still there, I started doing more research. I then came across some information on Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS) which is a intramuscular disease condition, where your immune system begins to attack your nerves, usually starting with legs and feet, but I didn't want it to be that at all, and I didn't really think it was that as sometimes the symptoms would go away some then come back. So I knew it had to be something I was doing in my daily lifestyle that was causing this. After some more research, I realized weed can cause anxiety, and anxiety can cause all sorts of issues, with the stomach and with a numb tingly feeling in legs like I was experiencing, and was noticing It was happening more after I smoked. So I havnen't smoked all day, and I'm starting to get much better. This was a nice video, just wanted to share my little recent experience and why I must quit. The last week was hell, and the symptoms I was having was pointing me in all sorts of directions and trying to self diagnose (which I now realize is very mentally unhealthy) was causing me even more anxiety when I thought it was something more serious, and then making the symptoms worse, which would in turn create more anxiety. Learned a thing or two about neurological diseases with all the research though which I guess isn't a bad thing

  • CBD isn’t for appetite, appetite increase is from THC

  • I'm reading comments about weed being addictive and to be quite frank, it isn't. I smoked 5-6 joints daily for an entire year. I smoked when i woke up, before and after any and every single task, and even before bed. Then one day i had a bad trip, i was hallucinating, my legs were shaking and the room was spinning. I quit. Just like that. I haven't smoked in 2 years. I have housemates who smoke every day but i don't get tempted to join them. Many of the comments i'm seeing are of people who started smoking in their teens. Maybe that's a factor. I was 21 when i started. I have friends who smoke a lot and are graduating college this year (or at least after the COVID-19 lockdown). Point is if you get addicted to weed, then u probably have an addictive personality trait. If u smoke and are failing in school, it's not the weed. Like i said my friends who smoke are graduating. People who don't smoke fail at school too. Don't use weed as a scapegoat, take responsibility. There's tons of stoners who've excelled in life across all career fields. Mike Tyson, Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps, Seth Rogen, James Franco, Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, Morgan Freeman, Nick and Nate Diaz, Joe Rogan, Ice Cube. Even Obama smokes occasionally. So then what's your excuse? As far as mental illnesses go, it's best to look into the science of the plant and consider educating yourself on medicinal marijuana. We all have different needs.

  • Thank you.

  • marijuana is not for kids so if you are a kid planning to smoke or depend on it. you are just going to regret it. somehow. if you dont have any adictions dont start with this just because everyone says its okay… the point is not that marijuana is good or bad but SOMETIMES most of the kids get this as a drug gateway i get it your not doing drugs just smokingweed . but for how long until you get bored of it hopefully you dont and just try something harder…. hopefully not and if not congrats! I BELIEVE YOU CAN USE marijuana when you are at least 18. for your sake. …… no Matter how okay it sounds and looks and feels or tastes theres always gonna be consequence to your actions… be the kid that stands out and thinks outside the box and dont consume marijuana. be the kid that dont need that to fit in… be the kid that inspires other to the right path….. be different with out having to smoke weed.
    KIDS hear me out and dont get this the wrong way.


  • I love smoking bud

  • It’s either weed or crack soooo ….

  • Its addictive comes in and out of my life trouble with leaving it permanently

  • you act like weed is why you have problems but its manliy your fault i am 13 and smoke at least three times a week and never have problems in school or with keeping all my friends so stfu

  • RyanRyan

    Author Reply

    After I was diagnosed with PTSD I got my medical card and started smoking I was fine on regular weed. when I tried concentrate I became delusional and paranoid to the point I believed my neighbors was tapping my devices it didnt help that the voices I was hearing was reinforcing this. I ended up putting all my tvs/devices locked in the backroom. I was like this for many hours.

  • Weed is not for kids. Thank God I had parents that disciplined me and didn't let around it.

  • I have smoked weed and when I didn't have weed or couldn't find it. Never made me do anything desperate other than waiting on a phone call or driving out the way. With kids anything psychoactive is dangerous because the brain is still developing. The worst withdrawal symptom is getting your appetite back after self ingulging in gorging when you get the munchies. Three days no weed withdrawals all gone.

  • I have been sober for 9 months today and let me give you some tips that worked for me:
    – First of all, seek help. I couldn't do it alone but with a counselor it finally worked. This person not only supports you mentally and gives you handles on how to solve your addiction, the weekly meeting also gives you an incentive to hold on for a couple days longer until you see this person again. For me this really worked, because I only had to quit for 1 week until the next meeting, then one week again, and so on.
    – Pick a date within the next 2-3 weeks that you will quit. Work towards that date and count down the days. Make it far away enough that you can 'say goodbye' to using, so to speak, but not so far that you can change your mind in the meantime. When you've reached your date, try to remind yourself that using beyond this day is not an option.
    – If you're not in a position to get help, write down all negative side effects that you experience from smoking. This can be things like less concentration, spending a lot of money, to mental health-related issues.
    – Write down all your reasons for quitting. This can help you when you have a difficult moment.
    – Make a list of things you can do that will distract you when you have a craving. Cravings can last anywhere from 5 minutes to about an hour, so make sure you have a variety of options to keep you occupied. Distracting yourself will make the craving go away faster. This can be anything from cleaning your room, to calling a friend, to going shopping.
    – What this video mentioned about the base line (the sitting on your porch part) really resonated with me in therapy. Because you're so used to smoking in a certain instance, your body gets used to it. This is when you experience your cravings most. However, after a while your baseline slowly returns to normal and you will experience less and less cravings. Do keep in mind, however, that if you have a relapse, this reaction in your brain can be triggered again.
    – Most of all, trust in yourself and the process. It's not easy to quit but it's possible, and I like to believe I'm living proof of that. Keep your lists in a place where you can see them every day and stay consistent. There's going to be tough days but you can get through it. It's all for your future.

    These are some of the things that helped me most. I hope they help someone else as well. Love you all and never give up on trying, it's so worth it. ❤️

  • Thank you…. I have a very difficult time with attention…have had this issue all my life… You allowed for this old gal to comprehend and not zone out…I don’t mean that in a ill form. I literally do this.. more now in my older years…which makes it very difficult to stay connected. thank you again.

  • On the Rims jealous you can get out and they can not if they fuck u off for quitting pot. If you think about it. They could talk u into giving in to quitting u become full blown addicted and then a year or so later they quit leaving u in a world of shit. So let them fuck u off as they not real mates. I been a pot head for twenty years but when my mate quit to get his job I supported him. I would even not smoke in my own home to make sure I didn’t tempt him.