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Canon 50mm 1.8 STM Lens – Review after 3 months using the lens

The Canon 50mm 1.8 STM lens review after using at weddings for three months. Hands on review by a professional photographer comparing the 50mm prime lens with the 24-105mm lens by Canon.

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  • Real world talk about cameras, love it.

  • My new 50mm is a little tight on the canon camera body, is that normal?

  • Can anyone tell me if this lens works well with Cannon 4000D (entry level DSLR)

  • on a test I did with the 1.8 STM 50 vs the 50 1.4 usm…..both wide open, the 1.8 was sharper wide open . But if the 1.4 was stopped down to 1.8 they were fairly equal in center sharpness

  • also was calling it I-S-O instead of I-SO for a while now lol

  • Richard,

    Firstly, I saw a YT review on the 40mm f 2.8 STM pancake which said it was sharper than the 50mm. Have you tried this lens, considering you are stopping the 50mm down to f 2.2? I appreciate that the narrower depth of field with the 50 is useful, but if you need to go to 2.2 I guess you lose that in exchange for the chromatic aberration problem. (https://youtu.be/upDR8ZXgB6w?t=2m56s)

    Secondly, your comment on the 50mm fast focusing, was that on the 5D classic or another? I could not work out from the video if it was.

    Thirdly, I am a Nikon user and use the older manual lenses on crop and full frame Nikons. Are there equivalent OLD manual Canon manual lenses that can be used on the 5d Classic directly without adapters, converters or whatever? – I use such lenses both privately and also for commercial event photography. With my current Nikon/AIS setup I have faster quieter focus, less battery consumption and better glass. If this is too time consuming to answer, perhaps you could do a Q&A with subscribers??? Meaning we send questions and you select a few and answer them when you have time…

    Thanks a bunch for the videos. I know how much time it takes. They are just great to bring an old Nikon brain kicking and screaming into the Canon world! 😉


  • Hi Richard, which one do you prefer, Canon 50mm 1.8 stm or 50mm 1.4 usm? I have not decided to get the Canon 50mm 1.4 usm yet. I do not know how the images will look like after mounting it on my Canon 5D Mk1.

  • thanks for the effort and the sharing. thumbs up.

  • What's your view on uv filters, i see you added one on this lens. Do you use a hood on your lenses?

  • Hi! I am loving your very comprehensive Canon 5D tutorials & reviews. Was just wondering which 12mm macro converter do you use?

  • Hi Richard. Using what I think is the Mark I version. I have taken your advice and attached a 13mm Kenko extension tube and will be testing with that combination in the next few days. My question(s) are how do you compare the optics between the MkI, MkII, and the STM version? Hate the focus ring on the MkI, but focus speed is stellar and I think it is pretty good optically. Also, when you use the 50 with the extension tube, are you changing any other settings as you explained for indoor shots? Do you use a tripod for wedding macro shots? Thinking maybe a ring flash for macros.

  • Hi Richard great video this was the first lens I bought when I got my 5D it's a GREAT lens. I did get the 70-200 Tamron G2 and have some amazing shots as a result. I was wondering if you could do a video on the 5D's auto focus system. I was at a pow wow getting some incredible photos they can be seen at my 500px profile. I was scared to try and use the Servo AF not being sure if the 5D could utilize the AF mode on the Tamron and it was a fairly fast moving scene. Thanks again for all your videos!

  • Thanks for this. Got a 50mm Mkii but found an old Mk I and think it is the better lens. However the Mkii was in production for about 25 years so it can't be that bad. Your discussions about perception and talking to people were spot on. The technical aspects of photographing a wedding are pretty easy to learn. Dealing with people requires experience and cannot be taught.

  • Cheers Richard … Can you think of producing a video on speed lights