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Canon 50mm f/1.8 STM Hands-on Review vs 50mm f/1.8 II & more.

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Let’s take a close look at the Canon 50mm f/1.8 STM – The new model is offered at the same price as the 50mm f/1.8 II with some important updates- metal mount, 7 aperture blades vs 5 in the older model, much smoother and quieter focus. Overall build quality feels significantly improved with the metal mount and tighter more finished looking construction. But what about image quality and how does the new 50mm STM compare against the 40mm STM and the Canon 50mm F/1.4 USM?

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  • The Yongnuo version I is not a good option, the person that buys it will have to buy twice, because they will be disappointed with it's lack of sharpness and will have to buy the Canon version.

  • It's amusing looking back at these old reviews – what was considered 'quiet' back then is still very loud today. This lens sounds like it's squealing when it's focusing 😀 Not near as bad as some old lenses but it's definitely nowhere near silent

  • I am seriously considering buying it for my t5i. In fact, it's been years since I had a 50mm lens and that was when I had my Canon T 50 back in the eighties.

  • hey i want to buy a canon prime for my sl2, but my budget is low i think i should go for a used one and 24mm f2.8. What do you say?

  • Are there any differences between these two lenses on panasonic gh4 with k&f concept adaptor (cheap ones) ?

  • yup…there is no need upgrading..

  • Would you recommend 50mm f1.8 stm for t4i

  • Hello sir I have a canon 80D which will suit my camera best

  • So I make beauty videos on youtube and with that I do a lot of close up product shots and beauty tutorials, I have the 50mm f/1.8 lens II now but is the newer lens worth getting?

  • bought the 50 1.8 Canon for $10. very happy with it. Also bought a Yashica manual focus film lens for the same price. its incredibly sharp in my opinion.

  • good video. at 4:11, he slurs his speech, sounds drunk, but hey, its not illegal to drink while making youtube videos….

  • So I have a Canon 80D and I'm really interested in the 50mm but because it's cropped obviously it won't be 50mm. Setting the 80D's kit lens to 50 would be the same as the 50mm lens focal length correct? Just wanna see what I'm getting before I buy.

  • I have the 50mm 1.4 USM but I think i'm going to sell it and buy the 50mm 1.8 STM. Many have stated that the 1.8 STM is as sharp if not slightly sharper than the 1.4 wide open. And I can still get back half the amount I paid for the 1.4. A slight, almost negligible sacrifice in max aperture for a just as sharp lens with quieter and quicker autofocus for half the price. Seems like a good trade off.

  • which lens better canon prime 50 mm stm and canon 18-55 mm ?

  • I can't see the blades working, any idea why is this happening?

  • sir I'm a big fan of ur.ur evry videos r full of knowledge.Please help me.canon 700d or nikon 5300 or nikon d3300.which 1 is better?what lens will be better?I want to be a widding &wildlife photographr.help me sir .Please tell about lens &which camera to buy.my budget is limited.
    Greetings from India sir

  • My concern is if I buy the 50 1.8 STM for my 70D (APS-C), will it be too tight or should I get something wider such as 40 2.8 which would be like 64 for a crop or maybe even a sigma lens around this price range. I usually shoot portraits, street, and landscape as well as video work. If anyone can help me I'd really appreciate it!

  • My concern is if I buy the 50 1.8 STM for my 70D (APS-C), will it be too tight or should I get something wider such as 40 2.8 which would be like 64 for a crop or maybe even a sigma lens around this price range. I usually shoot portraits, street, and landscape as well as video work. If anyone can help me I'd really appreciate it!

  • I want buy 1.4 or stm

  • mine makes a weird sound when manual focusing, anyone else?

  • Hi,
    I am thinking of buying the Canon 50mm f/1.8 STM. It's great for taking photo at night? Thank you!

  • I have checked a lot of reviews pertaining to the 50mm STM from canon but yours was really good. I like how you included the cheaper lens,Yongnuo which I didn't know it had. Thank you.

  • does the Canon EF50MM F/1.8 STM Lens work of canon t4i i really want to get it for christmas?

  • Can anyone help me??? What lens was used to film the video. I love the look and vibe. Would really like someone who know to get back to me. Thanks in advance!!

  • been using uyongnuo 50 for amost a year now and have switched into canon 70d few weeks ago, wonder if it worth changing the 50 into canon 50 stm for videos , but cant find any specs on yongnuo motor tech…just wonder what your thoghts about it…

  • does it fits on canon 7d sir ?

  • C GC G

    Author Reply

    which one is better 50mm 1.8 stm or the yongnuo 50mm?

  • Thanks for the video, really liked the comparison against the older model and the 50/1.4. Only thing that bugs me is the way Toby pronouncing the word "bokeh" as "boka' ". 🙂

  • also when manual focusing you have to turn the focus wheel a long long way before you get to infinity or macro. its more precise but a bit too much

  • just got the new one but it seems to focus a bit slower than the old one.. does anyone feel the same?

  • BryanBryan

    Author Reply

    Would the 50mm ef lens fit on my canon 1200D aka t5
    please help

  • Is 50stm good for canon700d?

  • Hello…I have a Canon 3Ti that I'm shooting documentary interviews with. Is the Canon 50MM f1.8 STM a good match for the 3Ti? Or should I be looking at another lens. I have a limited budget. Any guidance in choosing the best affordable lens would be greatly appreciated.

  • canon 50mm stm lens is good for streetphotography ???

  • Quick question, I can get the old ii for $90, or the STM for $150 brand new(Canadian prices). Should i spend the extra $60 for the STM?

  • So canon 24/40/50mm (i need a lens for everyday life & bit for portrait)

  • Can use for Video ( Uspecially Autofocus or Manual Focus ? ) or fit it on my Canon T6 ( 1300d ) Sir ? 🙂 Please answer me , Thanks before .

  • was thinking to get this lens to shoot an event at school ( evening party ), i already have canon 24 STM 2.8, but maybe having a 1.8 lens will help me more on low light condition?

  • facebook link not work.

  • I have the 50mm f/1.8 II. Would you say it would be unnecessary/pointless to purchase the STM?

  • Hi, I already have the 35mm IS USM and the 85mm USM, do you think I need this lens?
    I have the 24-105 kit lens, but I think this is not very sharp