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Canon 50mm f/1.8 STM lens review with samples (Full-frame and APS-C)

Over the past two weeks I’ve had a flood of messages and comments asking me to look at this lens. Good thing I looked ahead for a change and got an early copy! This may have the same optics as the ‘Mark ii’ version (except for new coatings) but it has a host of extra new advantages which make it even better value for money than the previous model. Watch on, and find out more.

Find it here (Amazon affiliate link):

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In case anyone is wondering, my Canon 70D had to be sold! I’m getting married and saving up for the wedding. 🙂

And yes, you can see a Canon 50D in the lens footage – but I can assure everyone the test shots were taken by my 60D.

All pictures and footage shot by me on Canon 6D and 60D cameras.

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‘Opportunity Walks’, Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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Bộ ống kính điện thoại 5 trong 1 lens macro, CPL, fisheye, wide, starlight
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Canon 50mm f1.8 STM
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  • Is the aperture fixed in this lens?

  • Gd

  • Will this lens work with the Canon M50?

  • In my opinion you’re telling it too positive at the example pictures…it’s not that sharp even at f4 or 5.6 and this is visible in the shown pictures

  • hi, id be nice if you replied, but what camera did u use? sorry i have no experience with all this camera gear and stuff

  • Price?

  • click on the link below for info about extention tubes

  • Just bought this lense and you can really see the difference from the kit lense that comes with the Canon if you buy a kit with lenses.

  • Just in case..may you tell us about the extension you are using here…???

  • I received it yesterday and i follow you…it is a fantastic lens for its price… Canon dis there a great job…

  • With all that ghosting at 1.8 why would you even shoot with it at that? It was very soft, and while I was really considering this, especially for lower light shooting, it doesn't look like the best idea.
    I have a 7D and I just need a replacement lens, and super low budget so, not sure what I should do.
    Thanks for this in depth review!

  • Super! ✨📷

  • Great review, hopefully getting this lens soon.

  • This is an excellent review which realistically assesses the lens and shows the main areas they improved it. All I would add is that I personally find that the lens is compromised in the one area I specifically bought it for – in low light shooting with my 6D, I cannot rely on it to focus accurately. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't, depending on light levels and subject contrast. I can tell when it's going to miss according to whether or not it refocuses (which it will do in a different place) when I repeatedly half-press the shutter without moving the camera. In these circumstances I find I get about one out of three or four shots correctly focused. Interestingly the 40/2.8 STM doesn't appear to suffer from this problem, which I've read might be caused by some particular facet of the 50/1.8's optical performance wide open.

  • Great video 👍🏾

  • Hahahaha crazy Pentagens 3:41

  • Is it compatible with canon 750D??

  • I got the STM recently. Haven't used it a lot, but it looks nice so far (I especially like the bokeh). The only drawback I can find is that its low weight put the centre of gravity so far back that I can no longer let it rest on my fingertips when I carry it around. Not much of a drawback, but it does make a difference when I carry it around for hours on end.

  • great review. thank you

  • Has to be one of the best value lenses on sale today.

  • Where is the links extension?

  • Blue Like Jazz!! A fine choice sir!

  • Good !!!👍

  • Is this the most recent version? I just picked one up last week.

  • If there was just some vignetting at f1.8, or a little more edge blur – ok. But it is actually visible less sharp and contrasty at f1.8 even in the center.

  • Does this lens suit for canon 1300d ?

  • Very good and informative video.. this video should be the only one that you need to watch for this lens. Keep up the good work.. subscribed!

  • Is this the nifty fifty?

  • 0:47


  • When shooting outdoors why is this lens extremely hard to manual focus?

  • Excellent review. Thank you

  • Does this lens fit beginners level DSLR camera(1200D)?

  • Hi Christopher, do you think this lens would be an addition to my kit for low light situations? I already own a Tamron 24-70 2.8 G2 and have a Canon 6D. In low light i would like to have a little more light to reduce my ISO. Thank you in advance!

  • hood?

  • Does it fits to all canons dslrs???

  • lt's a nice little lens. l had one a few years ago when l had the 1Diii. Yesterday i ordered another one for the M50 l got last month. Wish l would have kept the first one.

  • Is this lens compatible with the canon d200?

  • Well…………..conclusion I'm getting one…………..you made up my mind!

  • Are these lenses supposed to zoom in and out? I bought a canon 50 mm and it doesnt zoom out.. its all the way zoomed in

  • Hello. I need your like. Thanks

  • Can you tell me 50mm lens for canon m50 aur not🤔🤔