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Create A Bootable Hiren’s Boot CD on USB Flash Drive (2018)

Create A Bootable Hiren’s Boot CD on USB Flash Drive (2018)

Hiren’s Boot CD has been updated to a Windows 10 PE with loads of PC Repair tools to fix all your computer problems.

I used Rufus to create a bootable USB pen drive

Tools you need:

Hiren’s Boot CD

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  • Thanks. Fast and simple!

  • My computer is not booting to it

  • I had installed on MBR partition scheme and now Can't connect to internet please tell that how to install wifi drivers and use internet

  • How to use internet on this

  • Excuse me. how to use it?
    Boot menu not found!

  • Can i use to reset my password

  • Awesome, very detail turtorial video,i love it!

  • Thanks

  • my boot settings is f2 but is lock of password,

    can i use hirens to remove bios password?

    Help please

  • my win8.1 computer could not be restored by the Hiren's Boot CD. It is good for saving files but this can also be done when putting the broken OS disk into an external hard disk drive. In any case, when the original win CD cannot repair a damaged windows installation it is over. Format and make a fresh install.

  • I just have a network boot setup on my synology nas with clonezilla hiren boot cd etc i would do memtest but memtest asks 3000 dollars for it, i am not paying for it i guess its meant for company license i have no idea why they asume that consumers cannot setup a pxe boot server at home for uefi, ipxe has been avaible for very long time now.

  • Boot process i think ok

  • Question for anyone, I can boot up the USB just fine but once the image is loaded it does not recognize any attached USB drives. How are you supposed to restore an image file that is attached to a external USB drive? Anyone else having this problem?


  • how much did you pay for the rufus and hirens

  • Can I use 16 GB pen drive

  • Wtf is a hiren

  • Sir What will br the Storage size of the USB..???

  • Thanks a lot brian, as was said before by a wise man "when you how, then everything is simple"… keep up the good job…

  • Could you please make a video on how to use the password reset of hirens boot CD?

  • nice video Sir

  • i have downloaded the iso file but it is now in RAR format after download..also i cant find any HBCD.iso file i that RAR file….what to do now????

  • What size USB memory stick is needed?

  • thanks a million, much easier than the old method

  • great video i never use Hiren’s Boot CD before tanks Brian