So because all of the old “how to fix csgo cannot verify integrity of game files” videos didn’t work for me, I decided to make a brand new one. The new solution in this video was a solution I figured out on my own that worked for me three different times! Hope this video helps some of you guys having the same problem!

If you still have further problems with this VAC bug, check out the comments below. I have a pinned comment that suggests some other possible solutions that have worked for people. NOTE: When VAC cannot verify your files, it means there is just a temporary problem with something and WILL GO AWAY EVENTUALLY!! THIS PROBLEM WILL NEVER BE PERMANENT!!

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    – If you watch the entire video through and try all the solutions and nothing fixes it, these are a couple more solutions you can try that have worked for other people: 1 log out of steam and log back in; 2 run csgo as administrator from the actual csgo files from your admin login on your computer; 3 run this command in CMD (here's how: 1 Click windows start button 2 Run CMD as administrator 3 Type 'sfc /scannow' 4. Wait until it hits 100%); 4 wait 24 hours and see if it goes away; 5 make a second account and use that to play until your main account stops having the problem.

    NOTE: Do not try and reinstall your whole windows software. Someone said they were going to do this to fix it. I can tell you right now this will not only solve nothing but create a major amount of problems!! When VAC cannot verify your files, it means there is just a temporary problem with something and WILL GO AWAY EVENTUALLY!! THIS PROBLEM WILL NEVER BE PERMANENT!!

    – For Mac players having the same problems, unfortunately the MacOS software is just bad for gaming in general when it comes to problems like this. If the solutions in the video don’t fix anything, including reinstalling the game, I would try to run windows bootcamp and boot Csgo from there. Even bootcamp though can be a bit unstable and cause more problems so if that doesn't work, I would say to try your best and either buy/build a laptop or pc that has been proven that it can run various games!

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  • Wait i have a vac ban because my friend try to install a crosshair for awp for nonescope skills and now im vac banned can i remove the vac ban when i reset my pc or do this what u say in the video?

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