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how to add image and display in crystal report dynamically in c#. part 5

this tutorial is how to add image in crystal report and display image in crystal report from local drive, location of the image stored in sql database table dynamically in c# windows form application.
Add image in local drive and save image path in sql server database table in c# windows application dynamically to display image in crystal report.

First of all add crystal report in your project, add image, to add image right click on the crystal report page – go to insert – click on picture you can select any one picture default from your computer.

To display image in your project based on the location of the image stored in databaes right click on the image – click format object then write the graphics location of the image to display image and finally save and close.

It is noted that graphics location should be the stored location of your image and the image path should be accurate in sql database table. If image in network drive then network connection should be connected as well.
add image name in database and save image in local drive, display the image in app go to the link

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