How To FIX VAC was Unable to Verify the Game Session | CSGO Matchmaking Failed

Update: If this video didn’t help you all, then please go and check out my second video about this and try all the solutions in that video:

Hello guys. In this video, we will show you how to fix the matchmaking failed problem in CSGO. Sometimes, you might not be able to join an online match because VAC was Unable to Verify the Game Session. This problem occurs because of missing files in your game which can be easily fixed using this video. I hope it helps you all out!

Framework 4.5
Visual Studios (download all):


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Video Editing Software – Vegas Pro 13

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  • NOTE: From April 2020, Valve is facing some issues with maintaining its Anti-Cheat system. Because of this, even with all the solutions mentioned in the video, it might not help. Some accounts are working some are not. So, please have have patience and press F in the chats 😔
    Playing with new account may solve your problem, but it is obviously not an actual FIX 😔
    P.S. You can check out the second solution video on my channel (link in description) regarding this which might help!!

  • It worked thanks

  • Changing the profile name really worked for me. Ty!

  • I just got it now and fuck me nothing works! For a such a big game i dont believe i cant even fucking play it

  • it worked after deleted files in temp

  • Change the profile name works for me.

  • tysm idk why i had this problem so late but u helped fix <3

  • I thought it was VAC ban 😂😂

  • HambyHamby

    Author Reply

    Thank you! Helped a lot! 👍

  • that 1 file is the problem whitch failed to validet,i think!
    i can t play a competitive match because at the half time is kicking me out beacouse of this problem…..

  • THAnks a lot men for me this worked 5/29/2020 😀 thank you a lot,friking life saver

  • Clearing the cache fixed my problem. Thank you.

  • KiKiKiKi

    Author Reply

    Thank you man so much💪💪

  • HoaxyHoaxy

    Author Reply

    Thanks YOU 😀 😀 <3

  • First time and its working to me😊

  • I was missing the steam service

  • simple to fix.
    Just open C:/Program Files(x86)/Steam/userdata
    and clear all the file. Try to start csgo

  • Bro changing my password and verifying the integrity files worked thanks a loy

  • u saved me, ty man

  • Ty Flottenhejmer

  • Thanks it worked!

  • Just restart the steam Thanks me later :3

  • Thank you!