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How To Make A Windows 10 Bootable USB Flash Drive | UPDATED! 2018

If you wanna create a windows 10 bootable USB drive than you must use the Rufus…

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  • when I Click Start it saying that 'error:undetermined error while formating'. What do I do

  • Thks bro

  • This GOT/MBR was creating all the confusion….. Thanks for the amazing tutorial!

  • Good video, first video of this kind that was not annoying to watch/hear the whole way through. Good job and thank you

  • i lost my bit locker password and recovery key how can my drive unlock in window 10 64 bit


  • Hlo.. can we return this boot pendrive to normall pendrive

  • Someone help me pls. I selected gpt and ntfs and my bios menu still does not detect my usb. I've tried all the combinations between partition scheme and format type and still, my usb is not detected. In my bios i disabled 'safe boot' and changed to csm boot and still, my usb is not detected. Someone pls help me ;c

  • uhm… after the thing you were downloading at the end is finished, what next?
    do i restart the PC? open a program from the usb?

  • Actually I m having another option below boot selection ..which is of image option in which there are two options STANDARD WINDOW INSTALLATION and WINDOWS TO GO which one should I select

  • I cannot boot my laptop so I can not open disk management to see partition scheme. I am using this video to create bootable drive to recover from laptop that is not booting. So which partition scheme to use

  • I get error saying Access to the device is denied

  • Thank you!

  • It is not working it says it is not a right way to boot this file please help me…

  • Thanks

  • Complete guidness thanxx bro 👍

  • Thank You SIr <3

  • One question,does rufus collect you pc data?

  • Awesome dude

  • Well explained thank u very much sirrrrrr💗💗

  • thanks

  • thankz bro 1st time youse this and u explain is very ezy to handel it im subscribe your chanel give good videos for us

  • hey @kilObit my HP notebook 15 laptop is shut down (because the boot up files got deletedor corrupt) so i cant exactly find out if its GPT or MBR is there any other way to know that ?? pls help

  • Thank You

  • Thank you. Super easy.

  • Sir, ek help krdo agr pendrive show nh ho rhi ho to kse shi kre usko

  • Extremely intelligently made video, it worked for windows 10 as well, right from downloading ISO file to creating Bootable USB…just perfect. Additionally using USB to boot windows on another laptop could have been covered as well. Nevertheless thank you so much, you saved my time of running after repair guys and made me capable.

  • Informative, thank you

  • i have also same usb drive by apacer

  • Worked for me

  • Nice job

  • AgniAgni

    Author Reply

    Iam using cmd but this type it's make free things

  • thx bro

  • ganjatti

  • No Reason For Wearing Headphones

  • How do I download windows

  • THE WAY YOU EXPLAIN IS nice and clean. 10x.

  • nice

  • Nice explanation

  • Mine said it cant convert mbr

  • hope this works!

  • lauda ka accent