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How To Permute A String – Generate All Permutations Of A String

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Question: Given a string, print all permutations of the string and return an array of them. No duplicates are allowed.

Whenever we work with problems like this, the fact that it is a string and that it is an array are interchangeable. We will permute an array the same way that we permute a string.

Why is this a backtracking problem? Because we are placing an item and then exploring all possibilities from there.

Whenever we have a problem that says “generate” or “compute” and it is an expression of several decision points that comprise a larger possibility set…WE HAVE BACKTRACKING.

The 3 Keys To Backtracking

Our Choice

What character we place in a “slot”

Our Constraints

None really…but at each decision point we will have fewer characters to work with because of our previous decisions.

Our Goal

Let n be the string length. Place n characters.


Time: O(n * n!)

– There are n! permutations and it takes O(n) time to add each one to our result array

Space: O(n)
– We are not returning an array here so linear space because our recursion will go at maximum n elements deep since we make n choices of placement at maximum

– If we did store and return an array our space complexity would be O(n * n!) since we would have n! permutations and each permutation would be of length n. If we consider the returned array of all permutation strings as NOT part of space, the call stack dominates space. We are back to O(n).



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This question is number 16.3 in the fantastic book “Elements of Programming Interviews” by Adnan Aziz

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  • Table of Contents: (I'm sorry, I messed up the audio and am talking pretty loud)

    Problem Introduction 0:00 – 1:57
    The "3 Keys To Backtracking" 1:57 – 4:55
    The FULL Recursion Walkthrough For "boat" 4:55 – 22:57
    Time & Space Complexities 22:57 – 27:53
    Wrap Up / Conclusion 27:53 – 28:18

    This is super long because of the walkthrough…I'm sorry.

    Here is a good example of the code: https://javarevisited.blogspot.com/2015/08/how-to-find-all-permutations-of-string-java-example.html

    (If this link doesn't work then you can find the code anywhere, just know the concepts and you can implement it however you want, but I really should have walked through that code snippet. I will try to this in a later video, this is my fault.)

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  • Great explanation, thank you so much!

    I have a question about the space complexity when we just print our permutations.
    The worst case is when we reach the bottom of our recursion and that would be O(n) because of n stack frames, I get it. But every stack frame also has its current state, I mean current permutation, which is also of length n in worst case. Am I right? Shouldn't space complexity in this case be O(n*n) = O(n^2)?

    Thanks a lot!

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    plz make tutorial
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  • 11:51 "I feel like a robot right now" 🙂 But you are not a robot, so it is exhausting for a human being to do this. It's amazing how much simpler the actual code is than doing it manually yourself. It is one of the most powerful examples of why computers are useful. Despite all that, I really appreciate you putting yourself through that on video because it fully and completely demonstrates the intuition behind the code.

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