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If you travel through Hue city , you must have a blind massage! – Charity video with happy ending!

The goal of this video: Pursue people to go there and share the article (They do not have any Social media).

If you want to know more about „Blind association in Hue province.“ Visit my website –
In the article you will find answers for these topics:

❥ Which kind of massage you get from blind people
❥ Why I recorded the video about Blind kids/people
❥ Experience during shooting the video with Blind kids/people
❥ Why people should go and have a massage
❥ How to donate and help kids at the Blind association in Hue province
❥ She made me almost cry
❥ Different places in Hue where to get a massage
❥ The address of the place: 180/1 Phan Bội Châu- TP.Huế- tỉnh TT-Huế

Contact of the place:

Email: hoinguoimu.thuathienhue@gmail.com
Telephone number: 0234 3823 187

Nguồn: https://vinhtrinh.com.vn

Xem thêm bài viết khác: https://vinhtrinh.com.vn/bat-dong-san/

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