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Kiteboarding Nha Trang 2011 :: Vietnam :: HD 1080p

Kiteboarding session with Waves Watersports located behind the Louisiana Brewhouse in Nha Trang. We were taught the basics, safety, and enough to get boarding.

Later in the session, we packed up and drove to a 3 foot deep lake which had perfect conditions for Kiteboarding. Constant wind, warm water, and waist deep water! The more advanced teachers displayed some tricks as well. Kiteboarding is a must try when visiting Nha Trang!

(Bloopers at the end of the video)

P.S. The guys doing the tricks are the teachers. Next year, it will be us for sure.

Thank you Vi, Anh Vu, Jeff, Anh Thuan for the memories.

Music Credits: “Certain Death (Still Alive Remix)” by Blackberry :: 2008
Licensed under Creative Commons

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