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LEGO Racers Any% Speedrun – 39:54 [WR]

When I started running this game over 2 years ago, my PB was something like 52 minutes. Since the run was terrible, I thought “hm, I bet this game could be like 40 minutes or something.” After more practice I realized I had totally underestimated that time, so I set much higher goals set for myself, like 48 minutes. Then new discoveries were found, and 48 became 42. Then the time got lower and lower, and I realized that sub 40 I’d thought about so long ago could be a reality.

About a year after realizing it was possible, I finally beat that goal by 5 seconds. The last 2 circuits weren’t perfect because I was getting nervous watching my splits, but this was still a fantastic run. I think about 15-20 seconds could be saved off the last two circuits just on execution alone, but with perfect RNG even more time could be saved.

I think I’m done running any% of this game for now. Maybe some day I’ll be back to optimize the glitchless% time.

Nguồn: https://vinhtrinh.com.vn

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