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Lego Racers (PC) Walkthrough

I’m really getting tired of people being stupid about this, so I’ll just get this out of the way now — I avoided using warps for the most part. They make the game way too easy and I thought it would be more interesting if I didn’t use them. You can stop bugging me about it now.

All illegal download requests and/or links will be removed on the spot, no questions asked. I own the original CD and have zero tolerance for such comments.


A walkthrough for Lego Racers. This includes going through every single circuit and beating Veronica Voltage on every track in Time Trial. It seemed like my channel used to be dedicated to this game because my first batches of videos were nothing except this game. In fact, some people are still under the impression this is my favorite game ever, and it is far from that. Anyway, onto the level-by-level comments.

Start: Before I begin the game, I will be showing off the build mode. I thought this would get boring if I built a full blown car, so I just showed some of the build mode and used Quick Build. I also show the Test Course.

Circuit 1: Before I begin this, I will say that I imposed a strict no-warp turbo rule. I used it on a very minimal basis in the whole walkthrough besides Rocket Racer. If you keep using warp turbos, it’s impossible to lose. I did not want to look noobish or make this walkthrough boring to sit through. Anyway, Captain Redbeard will use red bricks whenever he gets a chance, so get your shields ready. If you want to fight him back, try gettin 2 or 3 white bricks with a sheild to deflect his cannonballs back at him. I fooled around at the end of Desert Adventure Dragway because if the race ends before everyone finishes, all computers are put in their default places (the bosses are always put at the top, even if they’re in dead last). I wanted to get a better idea to see how the others fared.

Circuit 2: After finishing every circuit, I will be building the car set I just won. King Kahuka has a fetish for sheilds, which is the dumbest thing to go for. Because of this, I love teasing him with magnetic traps by putting them in front of blues. I owned him the first two races after he didn’t finish second on either, but I got carried away in Ice Planet Pathway. You’ll see what I mean.

Circuit 3: I KNOW I GAVE KING KAHUKA THE WRONG TORSO. I was having trouble remembering. Oh, and dear GOSH Circuit 3. Basil, how I love to hate you. Knightmare-Athon is the hardest course in the game, mostly due to being the only one that lacks a short-cut (I know about the story behind this, don’t bother mentioning it). Pirate Skull Pass isn’t much better, as it technically does have a short-cut, but it’s more of an alternate path not worth taking.

Circuit 4: I gave Basil the other Quick Build option because it’s basically the same thing as his regular car but with more stuff. I should note here that Basil’s car has a lot more sensitive turning than the others, so it takes time getting used to. Johnny Thunder is a weak boss, more so than Captain Redbeard, which is sad. He almost never uses items, so he doesn’t do too well.

Circuit 5: Barron von Baron is even WEAKER than King Kahuka. You really have to go low to be worse than the guy who is obsessed with shields. Not only is Barron obsessed with sheilds, but he SAVES UP WHITE BRICKS TOO, making him a very easy target.

Circuit 6: Gypsy Moth. Major difficulty spike. Not only are we back to the hard tracks, but now Knightmare-Athon comes last. I actually had to resort to warp turbos there because I got so far behind.

Circuit 7: Rocket Racer is tough at first, but if you can get to the white bricks and greens before him, you are safe. Plus, he refuses to use anything except greens, so it’s easy to attack him.

Veronica Voltage comments:
Circuit 1: My ban on warp turbos is now lifted, since she uses them herself sometimes. She isn’t too bad on the first circuit.
Circuit 2: Difficulty spike at Ice Planet Pathway, where she is hardest to beat. I was VERY lucky to beat her, I actually didn’t think I won at first. She teleports once on Amazon Adventure Alley, but she isn’t too bad there anyway.
Circuit 3: She actually isn’t too hard to beat on Knightmare-Athon, which is ironic. Then comes Pirate Skull Pass. Oh dear. The best way to beat her here is to get the green, then get all three white bricks you pass by, get another green and don’t miss a white brick, rinse and repeat. You have to do a perfect run in order to beat her. It can be tricky to get the white wedged between the rocks, but with practice, it’s possible. People seem to find her really hard on Adventure Temple Trail, but I don’t get that. She isn’t bad there at all.

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