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MacBook Air 2020 review: the best Mac for most people

Apple’s 2020 MacBook Air comes with the new scissor-switch keyboard the company introduced in the 16-inch MacBook Pro, and the processors have been upgraded to Intel’s new 10th-generation parts. Apple’s also lowered the price by $100, with the new MacBook Air now starting at $999. Nilay Patel has the full review.

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  • Would you upgrade?

  • Love Nilay's reviews, hate Dieter's.

  • review unit looks dusty

  • Why apple doesn't use pentium iii celeron they can then start with $777 or even less…

  • MalinMalin

    Author Reply

    I’m very new to this, but is it usb-c to usb cable for connecting iPhone charger?

  • am i the only one who doesn’t like touch screen laptops? unless the laptop can do a full 360° and is a 2 in 1, it feels kinda pointless.

  • Sono contento perchè in questo video ho anche i sotto titoli nella mia lingua.
    Al contrario non li trovo dalla concorrenza.
    Bravi !

  • Wow I just realized I paid MORE for my 2010 MBA ($1599) back in 2010 than I just paid for the new 2020 MBA i5 model ($1249) 😩

  • I won't give apple any credit. There is a serious issue with Voiceover, the screen reader. If you're not playing any media, it will stop talking and you will only hear the sounds. In order to fix this issue, you will have to turn it off, and then back on. I have called the accessibility hotline over this, twice. It is still happening as of the latest software update.

  • work from home studio. i like it

  • Request: every Verge video should include Becca randomly interjecting with color commentary or unmitigated reactions

  • Apple is switching to ARM chips in the next year which is much better for thermals and battery life.

  • Core i3 is good for most people who are just browsing web and video content and office work. I would go the quadcore and 16gb ram to be honest

  • The MBA would be so much better if it had a proper cooling solution. The fan isn’t even connected to the CPU🤦🏻‍♂️

  • FixedFixed

    Author Reply

    it would be great if they put a 120 Hz screen there, like in ipad pro.

  • m dm d

    Author Reply

    Is it possible to add thermalpast on the cpu so it will run smooth?

  • Dieter looks so different

  • iPad Air? 7:00

  • MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro… just open up chrome. Makes no difference.

  • At this point, the iPad Pro can run circles round the Macbook Air for day to day tasks. The only reason why I'd buy this over the iPad is for that one app that has no iOS equivalent. Turns out we all have the same problem. Too bad, I really wanna use the iPad. Gotta agree with Apple, the iPad does look like the future of personal computing to me

  • Why do I think there's a story behind that mic on the table?

  • Also if you’re in the US you can get it for 899 because they don’t actually check if you go to school

  • "That looks really good."
    1 second later the video is cropped in by like 50% during the edit.

    Good work getting content out during this gang.

  • Currently I'm using Dell Inspiron 2-in-1 laptop which is a touch screen laptop. I can see why people love it…But as of now, there is a certain problems with my current laptop….Been thinking about ugrading my laptop to MBA…From the review of the new MBA, most of it are pretty positive so far.. And also its cheaper than new dell laptop like XPS. Can't wait to buy it…

  • Alright! Surface laptop it is then!

  • Ordered

  • I for one never had issues with the butterfly keyboard. I much prefer it over the older chiclets. If the magic keyboard is anything like the pre-butterfly Chiclets then I will probably miss the butterfly sorely

  • I’m a regular user. For me, Macbooks aren’t a good replacement for the iPad. iPad is getting where I imagined it to go. Now that we’re having a Magic Keyboard with trackpad, and after the 13.4 iPadOS update with keyboard shortcuts, I don’t need anything else (I just need time for a learning curve, but well, considering the coronavirus lockdown, I have time every day to adapt anyways).

    Igave up on my Macbook Pro and bought a Mac Mini wich actually serves me better than a Macbook 13”. Sad thing is that when I bought the Mac Mini it was more expensive and with less configuration options than today. Anyway, it works fine for me, and I can use MY Keyboard of choice, and a Mouse.

    I don’t think that the Macbook Air will repeat it’s top seller long time record, because we’re reaching a stage where for some customers/people – a laptop computer – isn’t actually necessary.

    Considering the Câmera limitations, here are other limits that apply for the Macbook line is No Apple Pencil Support (yes, it should have by now. I cannot sign documents or redact/markup items on a Macbook). I know it’s crazy but anyway, that wish is as repressed as a touchscreen option.

    Hope you guys are good. Have a great week. Don’t get crazy.

  • Another boomer starts whining about the touch bar in a video about a computer that doesn't have one, time to tune out.

  • LeonLeon

    Author Reply

    I like this review. MacBooks definitely last a long time. I had my last one for 5 years and my current MBP is in its fourth year now. But I don't like him comparing the Air to the Pro all the time. Even with the quad-core it is clear from the beginning that the Air ist for students and normal office stuff. Not for Pros… There shouldn't me much discussion about noisy fans while using Lightroom… In comparison, the discussion about comparing it to the iPad Pro should be much louder

  • Nilay you said iPad Air review by dieter instead of iPad Pro review around the 6:57 mark. Also genuine question, which one would you prefer for sketchup/solidworks and little bit of photoshop?

  • Nothing like some in-home quarantine production to help you appreciate regular Verge video.

  • Chrome is such a battery hog. I can almost double my battery life by using Firefox instead – I also trust it more

  • hi ,
    regarding batterylife how would it fare against LG gram?