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[MV] Honey Popcorn(허니팝콘) _ Bibidi Babidi Boo(비비디바비디부)

[MV] Honey Popcorn(허니팝콘) _ Bibidi Babidi Boo(비비디바비디부)

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  • I love yu mikami's movies

  • O foda é que as mina além de transar bem, canta bem ._.

  • This is so underrated. Song is catchy and mv is cute. All the members are charming.

  • ❤️aaaa

  • I think they are doing really good. I watched some of their other talents of acting and it is impossible to judge, because I never worked in the porn industry.

  • 懐かしい〜

  • 😰

  • 👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • I support them in all their fields of work 😉

  • 三上悠亜しか出番なくて草

  • kesini gara gara oke siap AKMJ :v

  • yang kesini penasaran gara gara OKE SIAP AKMJ.

  • yua mikamiii

  • CandyCandy

    Author Reply

    Vuelvo a ver su presentación después de ¿cuánto? ¿Dos años? Y me sigo maravillando. Ellas son muy talentosas. ♡

  • 뮤비는 괜찮은데….너무 무대에선 못하더라 할렴 제대로 각 잡고 해봐요.
    그 바닥도 힘들었겠지만 이 바닥은 더 힘들어유.

  • 衣装がpameoposeのもろパクリでうける

  • Jav

  • They are people before they are pornstars, also I could bet good money the same people that bashed them for their career is still masturbating to their AV movies. Unbelievable. They are persons, they are women, they deserve to be able to do this and feel special, no matter their job.

  • ビビデバビデ三上悠亜デブ~

  • Yua Mikami Is my bias Wrecked..

  • マスカッツのMVとかみても三上ばっかりやんってなる時がある。

  • I hope Yua Mikami and friends
    never stop working in music!
    I love honey popcorn
    i also love miko matsuda
    I hope all of you are always given ease
    and happiness …
    I am a fan from Indonesia
    always support you guys
    both debuted in Japan and in Korea

  • i miss you pls cb

  • 控えめに言って無理

  • Ko thích nhạc hàn lắm nhưng thích các vươn lên của các idol nhom

  • Drop all that hate; this is a bangerrr !!!

  • なんでわざわざ韓国デビューなの?日本人しかいないでしょ?元々日本のAV業界で活動してたなら日本でよくない?

  • last time i saw yua mikami was on Phub 🤣🤣

  • 응원합니다. 꼭 음방에 나왔으면

  • This song is super cool

  • 아무리 잘해도 한국에서 일본인으로 구성된 아이돌이 잘되는건 좀 많이 무리ㅠㅠ 이건 진짜 어쩔 수 없다ㅏㅏ

  • 曲はそこそこ良いの草

  • My idol is Mikami Yua 😀

  • Can I ask? Why do girls this days, sell their body just to gain fame? no offense to anyone but it is really saddening, right? I almost want to cry because of this. Well, some might just call this hypocrisy, but I think some will get what I feel, right?

    Well I just want to release this sour feelings here. and left this buried without anyone noticing.

  • ZerosZeros

    Author Reply

    Great Song ❤…

  • Testing buat para cabulers

  • I wonder what their next concept will be

  • hay =)))