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PS5 And Xbox X Will Force Major Upgrades

The Extra Costs for the PS5 And XBox Series X will be staggeringly higher than you think! FPS, upgraded SSD’s, heck even a new TV! All this just for you to properly enjoy your new console!

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Purchasing the newest game console is never as simple as just buying the console. Of course, there are games to purchase, but we’re diving even deeper into everything you NEED for the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Yep, today we’re talking all about TVs. You still getting used to the amazing visuals of a 4K TV? Well, get ready to enter the world of 8K. Yeah, the TV you will own probably hasn’t even gone into production yet, that’s how fast the technology is moving. But, by the time Sony and Microsoft’s newest consoles hit store shelves, so will a wide range of 8K televisions from companies like Samsung and Sony.

The graphics go far beyond just 8K quality. Frame refresh rates and incredible graphics will present games like we’ve NEVER seen them before. But there are a ton of other accessories to add to your collection as well. Consider the purchase of a solid state drive. The speed of a solid state drive makes loading time a breeze and you’ll want plenty of space to download all your favorite games. Want faster downloads? Consider upping your internet speeds. The monthly fees will eliminate a whole lot of frustrations.

Join us at the Gamer as we dive deep into everything you need for one of the new consoles and the prices you will pay for the items. This includes some exclusive information on the PS5’s newest DualShock controller and some features XBox is not even ready to talk about yet!

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  • My dad will slap me if i tell him to buy me a 8k TV and ps5

  • Wow that's rent money . I am getting the PS 5 pro

  • Isn't USA the country with overpriced and slow internet? In Europe you can get unlimited 1 Gbps for under 20$/month.

  • *shows xbox one X*
    “Xbox series X”

  • Will they support HdMI 2?

  • Seriously lost me at saying 8k was an essential – no evidence of that at all. Just more techno-wet dreams. Support for 8k tv is not being hyped by manufacturers because they realise that the advantage is so small (if perceptible) in the living room that it won’t outweigh the huge computational cost – even with all the machine learning enhancements. Biggest issue for next gen will be the storage options. I’ve already over-filled 2.5GB of storage on my PS4… and the requirement to have NG games on the SSD will mean constant shifti of games between playable drives and storage drives. Which also means they need to be looking at having AT LEAST 3xUSB3 ports otherwise it’s going to get stupid. Although – the current messaging from Sony about no real improvement on PS4 games suggests you may as well keep your PS4 to play those games (if you have the space/capacity)

  • Another question, do I really need the 3D headphones?

  • It can output 8k that is all so youtube 8k and such

    Games will be 4k upscaled to 8k if it can even do that as doing 4k 60fps is hard enough and having that upscaled to 8k would drop a stable 60fps to around 40fps

  • 0:47
    when we run out of food but my said were going to be okay

  • £500 For just to play more sequels in 2021…Happy With My PRO & 💯 games..thanks..as a casual gamer plenty to keep this gamer 😃🎮🇬🇧👍👍

  • Ok I can do it

  • I thought that just sony have the 3D audio…

  • Connect Sibley connector pleases god for the best and a…😾🤒👿👺☠️

  • Me: "Let's see if this Xbox series x can really grate cheese."
    Xbox series x: shred cheese
    Me: "Oh my God!"

  • Within 2 years I will have XSX , 4k TV and than PS5 unless PS5pro is coming out a year or year and half later..plus games maybe 50 to 75 games. But saving now for release and games of XSX

  • XBSX = 600$, LG OLED C9PLA65 = 2000$, Xbox Series Elite 2 controller = 180$, SteelSeries Arctic 7 = 250$, GamePass&LiveGold = 120$ for one year, 2 new games = 120$. Exactly for most fluid and immersing gaming =3240$ (but probably LG OLED C9PLA will increase the price until the end of year on 1500$, and console maybe launch for 500$, in that case will be around 2500$ for ultimate gaming)!!! I'm ready… 😉

  • With a predicted Recession or Depression coming up, The PS5 and Xbox are doomed.

  • Cool

  • not if we don't sort this caronavirus mate

  • I am having hardly 1mbps in my PS4 😭

  • The current 8k TVs are bad as hell.. they have already been tested. And they have flaws.. Who ever buys an 8k now it's a moron.. Everyone knows QLED is the only way to go when it comes to gaming..OLED,, no thank you.. The QLEDs also have HDMI 2.1 software.. 8k is garbage right now.. 4k is not even the Native standard yet.. 8K right now is fake upscaling not Native. 4k content just started to be Native..

  • You can't use an external ssd drive on either console because of the performance issues so that's a strike and who the hell needs an 8k tv……..not me?

  • If the PS5 will have built-in micro-transaction mic, on day 1 the first thing will be to dismantle the controller and get mic out.

  • If u get a ps5 u wont have to get a better TV if u already have a standard 4k tv they already can show 4k 60 an 1440 120. XSX is a different story 4k Ultra plus at 100+ fps u need a tv that's a beast to get full capable spec

  • 0:07 no, and no…? Wtf

  • When you realize you showed the xbox one x.

  • 5:54 Nah.. I'm 19 and loves Ducktales

  • tony ferguson the type of guy to buy a ps5 for steps

  • Pfff the gamer. Speak for yourself.
    I am ready. Dolby atmos 5.1.2 sound system with sony XF90 55 inch display.
    Next gen consoles will be made for 4k 60 fps not 8k, they will just have capability of maybe playing 8k VIDEOS.
    4k 120 fps games? Maybe, its a long shot but i can see some sport games like forza horizon GT 7 or fifa and the likes but block busters? It wouldn't even surprise me if they opt in for 4k 30 FPS to get the visuals.

  • Big oof

  • What bullshit

  • Not a bad video, but I think you are scaring people here.
    1. You don't need the top of the line Sony, LG or Samsung to enjoy these consoles.
    2. I bet my bottom dollar the PS5 and Xbox will come with a packed in 2.1 HDMI chord, just like the Pro and X came with 2.0 chords.
    3. Sony Wireless headphones for the PS4, ones with 7.1 surround sound, via real or virtual are not $300.
    4. I pay $69 bucks for Fios Gig Speed. Relax
    5. PSVR is on sale all the time. I bought my headset, with move controllers and Skyrim bundled in for $250. Sony has stated the original headset will work. The new headset will not be 4K in each eye. Not even Valve Index can do that and that costs $1000. The new headset will definitely up the resolution and be a wireless solution, but your current PSVR headset will work and it can display at 1080p with 120 hertz refresh rate. VR games are cheaper too.
    6. Only the most hardcore gamers get the Elite Controller. PS5 is not confirmed to have the screen either.
    7. All consoles have parental controls and you can't buy extras if you don't have a credit card on file. PS just us PSN cards.
    8. The only thing I agree with is the price for new SSD's. However, Sony might force companies to make affordable SSD's because there are going to be millions of PS5's out there.

  • Sorry to tell you the trailer of the dualshock 5 is not official it’s a fan made

  • We still don't know how the ps5 gonna looks like

  • Wow I feel like I watched a depressing infomercial. Be realistic wait for all this stuff to go down in price over time just buy the console for now keep your old head phones and your t.v. set. When you fill up the hard drive then get the external or delete games and re download later. There that is realistic! The video is like getting a fully loaded Mac computer for over 30 grand not realistic.

  • Thanks, you just convinced me that the PS4 will be my last console…

  • 2:45 thats forza not halo

  • Do I have to buy a new TV just to play a PS5? 'Cause I don't wanna do that

  • And I was thinking about….10000 bolsonaros(and that would be HELL OF a stupidity)
    COMPLETELY UNNAFORDABLE……out of reality.
    It's game over for Brasilian gamers.

  • We don't stare at our t v s to see all of the detailed work sure it looks good in a picture but when you are playing you don't notice all the glossy detailed graphics sure i like graphics and t v s with a good picture but you can find s good 4k oled that don't cost as much as 8k if it really is 8k

  • Why not buy a monitor for around 200$ ?

  • 4k is good enough just need more games

  • And here I am with a 720p tv

  • 0:04 That is an Xbox One X

  • That's fine.

  • 100up?!? Who’s getting 100mbps upload?! Yeah fiber sure. But most copper based cities don’t have that

  • Mr. QMr. Q

    Author Reply

    I refuse to to buy that till they shut down the PS4 servers. I'll be on the gta v servers all by myself 🤷🤷🤷🤷

  • Thats why I'll be investing into a monitor not a tv.