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Hello, today you will watch KLED vs SETT FULL BUILD FIGHTS video. Let’s determine the winner by commenting. Don’t forget to click the 🔔 Bell to join Notification Squad!
🎵- Mendum – Save Myself (with xo sad) [NCS Release]
🎵- Sub Urban – Cradles [NCS Release]
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How do we prepare our Full Build Fight videos?
First of all to make our content unique by selecting different champions in the game we make the plan of our videos.
🔷Step 1: It takes more than 2 hours to shoot the video.
🔷Step 2: After shooting video in the game, we use the “League of Director” program to get 360 degree fps and the time we spend in this program is over 30 minutes.
🔷Step 3: If videos are ready, we start working for high quality editing. The time we spend in editing programs exceeds 2 hours. Programs we use to edit our videos
💨 Adobe After Effects
💨 Adobe Premier Pro
💨 Sony Vegas Pro. We use three Programs because we add high quality effects to make our videos unique.
🔷Step 4: We spend 30 minutes to prepare Thumbnail. The program we use is; Adobe Photoshope CS versions
NOTE❗ In all our videos, we change the items and try them one by one. Please do not make comments as the item has been wrong.

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