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Simple Desktop 2 – Make Windows Look Better

Another simple desktop for all the people who like to keep it simple/clean/minimalist, I really hope you like it!


➜ Track: RetroVision – Puzzle VIP [NCS Release]
➜ Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
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➜ Track: Jordan Schor & Harley Bird – Home [NCS Release]
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➜ Track: ElementD & Chordinatez – Radiate (feat. Mees Van Den Berg) [NCS Release]
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It should work on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10. However the skin TranslucentTaskbar only works on Windows 10.


Nguồn: https://vinhtrinh.com.vn

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  • mantap

  • If i have to pick up a theme Is it compulsory to join devianart ?

  • Lacompagniedesombress download Nahi hi raja hair bro kase download karu

  • So i have a problem so when i click on the circle crome icon crome doesnt pop up

  • Thanks man

  • Does anyone have an Adobe Lightroom icon of the same style?

  • idk, but mine is win8 then i downloaded the translucent taskbar then it just worked for me, wtf?

  • GwdTGwdT

    Author Reply

    is there any for low ram?

  • is there a way to make it a 12 hour clock?

  • H.E.L.L.P There is a purple light under the icons when i start them how can i disable that

  • Hello, I just started off with these customizing stuff, very interesting and lovely. I have one issue, rainmeter doesn't render skins in HD. I have a 1920×1080 laptop.

  • HELP ANYONE by mistake i auto-hide the dock……
    now it is not displaying….how to bring it back

  • a je shqipe aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • for win 7 i improvised on the translucent taskbar to save me some ram, in personalize in color window i selected the Taupe color and lowered the color intensity

  • How will this simple desktop effect my laptop performance???

  • I can't add icon to the dock. It will show only ? icon.

  • J VJ V

    Author Reply

    Can you make custom icons? I want to make a CSGO icon

  • Why rainmeter skin installing too long?

  • tha best!

  • and how can i delete this pls help me

  • This Desktop Style Doesn't Have 3D Layer?

  • Exelente video, gracias estaré aplicando el tutorial

  • Whenever I move my cursor to taskbar the dock shows up .. how to hide it

  • Hi can u make a visualizer skin like the video in Night desktop please? Thanks.

  • Good

  • hi from malaysia .just would like to ask why every time i shut down my laptop and open it back all the nexus icon changed in question mark icon.

  • Thnx bro luv it

  • 8Bit8Bit

    Author Reply

    Windows 7 Can you do

  • One Question, did you plan this video to go with the flow of Music? I saw the drop exactly when your file got downloaded at 2:37 ! like wow.

  • Love your vids, subbed. Keep the good work!

  • Awesome theme!Congrats!

  • DUDE you make so many of these awesome themes. Now I don't know what to pick!

  • TwatTwat

    Author Reply

    whats the opening song?

  • thanks bro very beautifull

  • Wow. A technology related video without techno blasting through the speakers. Also, nice vid.

  • The sad part is that either I don't have most of the softwares in the dock or I can't make them work.

  • how can i avoid the clock from appearing when i open softwares, browsers of some othr stuff its really annoying

  • My translucent tasbar is blurry not full clear

  • Thanx dude ..

  • fab bro, as always , 😘keep up😊😃😃

  • Im on the video wtf, im MarioBrosYT. :v