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SIRUI 50mm f/1.8 1.33x Lens Announced – Affordable APS-C Anamorphic Lens

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SIRUI announced their new 50mm f/1.8 1.33x anamorphic lens during this year’s IBC show in Amsterdam. The lens produces image circle covering APS-C sensors and will come in versions with Sony-FE mount, FUJIFILM X-mount, and Micro four thirds mount. Compared to other anamorphic lenses, it will be very affordable.

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  • Flares are misaligned, so the whole image will be skewed when unstretching. Hopefully full production ones will fix this issue, or at least be able to adjust the rotation.

  • I'm still waiting for an answer, indiegogo doesn't change the status of my contribution

    I already pay $649 dollars for 50mm anamorphic

  • And where is the F mount ?!

  • they gonna make a lot of money

  • Jim MJim M

    Author Reply

    If it is an APS-C lens why not a Canon mount?

  • will it set for cropped censor like
    canon 700d or canon r mirrorless or any canon brands

  • I just bought a GH5, and this lens has me anticipating with excitement at capturing many moments with this new, affordable lens. Placing my order now!

  • Lenses should be – German,
    Cameras – Japanese,
    and nothing should be chinese !
    Make America Great Again !!!

  • Sign me up


  • I’d buy a Cinema 5D boy band poster for my room.

  • What's going on in the centre of the frame ?
    light leak ? no coating?
    a light shining on centre frame ?
    it's a bit washed out

  • Should be measured in T-stops instead of F-stop, and also should be geared for follow focus, both the aperture and focus rings. Another minor thing but important for some people is that the filter diameter should be at least 82mm.
    Overall it's great to see someone release a truly affordable anamorphic lens. No adapters, no diopters, no fuss.

  • This looks really good

  • We need an affordable full frame e-mount

  • I see a lot of excited people here but the image quality looks…not great. What's up with that?

  • The measurement conflict @ 3:13 LOL…should have told your audience, "Well that converts into 85 centimeters ladies and gents…" Very good video. Thanks…

  • Great for Instagram and YouTube stories!

  • Can you plz told us which music is used in begining of video?

  • No ef?

  • I'm shooting on cooke anamorphics later today 😁

  • But on M43 the 50mm will look like a 100mm… It will be complicated to shoot interior sequences. But it's amazing to have this choice at this price point!

  • Is it me or the lens is killing it with chromatic aberrations?

  • I'm wondering if the 50mm they announce is a Full Frame equivalent or the actual focal length of the lens. Because with the 2x crop factor of m43 sensors, a 100mm equivalent might not be wide enough for cinematic shots

  • Take my MONEY!!! Are you guys also going to make a 2x ana lens in the future?

  • Everyone shitting on China but don't realize that they're way ahead of everyone

  • Sadly no ef mount for my bmpcc6k

  • But what about EF-Mount?(

  • YOUR LENS LOOK LIKE SHIFTED A LITTLE BIT !!!! Flare are not Horizontal …. a little disleveled …

  • I see the lens Flare looks crooked on there, will that be fix? That would be a big issue.

  • You are worth following. Thank you for all of this info. I wanted to shoot my first feature film “Loving Till It Hurts” on a anamorphic lens, unfortunately I didn't have the budget but I still got a good project out of 16×9. So far I've gotten 3 awards for this project. The film was shot on a GH4, Panasonic 50mm, 14mm and my favorite heavy lens Voigtlander 35mm. Feel free to ask me any questions about the making of it. Can’t wait to shoot my next project with an Anamorphic Lens. Please show me some love and support and check out my film “Loving Till It Hurts” on Amazon prime or watch it for FREE here on TubiTV: https://tubitv.com/series/4311/loving_till_it_hurts?tracked=1

  • a 2x anamorphic is what I would like plz and thank you.

  • 2020, the year I’ll be spending a lot of money

  • The image looks shitty tho

  • This looks perfect to go with my BMPCC 6k.

  • JhenuJhenu

    Author Reply

    Two non native English speakers ….. 😬

  • Thank God for the chinese

  • looks cool, but the sharpness is quite weird. not sure if the focus is just not properly set or what

  • I want it right now! Pack me three ones😅👍

  • Ew, looks like slr magic 🤢

  • Lens lust!

  • I was wondering why the lens looked like absolute shit, until I realized, the video was playing back at 480p…