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The Demographics of the Wuhan Coronavirus

In this video, I talk about the Wuhan coronavirus, and how the demography of the world has changed since the last coronavirus outbreak/pandemic.

EDIT ON MARCH 18TH: I will not rename this video because this was the normal way to refer to the virus at the moment, and is still acceptable by taxonomic standards, take this quote for example, “You can draw on any feature of the species, such as its appearance, behavior, habitat or geographic location.” from this ( article. And I know that viruses are not technically organisms, but they still fall under the jurisdiction of taxonomy ( The official name is SARS-CoV-2 currently but was not agreed upon until after the publishing of this video.


440 cases & 9 deaths

555 Cases & 17 deaths

Am I dying?

The map I chose to represent demography

A guy with a mask on

The mortality rate of the entire world 2006

WHO Fatality Rate of SARS

Example of Population Pyramid

Population pyramid of China 2003

Population pyramid of China 2019 (basically 2020)

Map of infections:

Painting of black plague:

Population density of China over time

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