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TXT (투모로우바이투게더) '세계가 불타버린 밤, 우린… (Can't You See Me?)' Official MV REACTION

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Tin Hot
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Tin Hot
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Tin Hot
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  • Whoever over there in Big Hit's hairstyling team that picked all these hair colors needs a fandom name of their own, same for whoever played the guitar & bass on this record.. DAYUM

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  • The dance practice cane out today, do a reaction, its fireeeee

  • “I think lil terry stole my heart” exactly what I said when I first saw him 😫


  • Anyone gonna mention how this has "Bad Idea" by Ariana Grande vibes with the music? I'm A-OK with that.

  • Yes thank you. I got Michael Jackson vibes from this song. Love it!

  • react to their performance of Fairy of Shampoo !!!!!

  • This MV in reality is really dark bcs the tomatoes and strawberries represent blood and the fact that they throw them at each other means that they are hurting each other.Moreover, you can see Beomgyu cover Taehyun with a blanket and there is red light it Means Beomgyu is killing Taehyun.And you can see when Yeonjun looks at his hand completely red and the members just stare at him (covered in blood too).Basically, the MV represent friends who are in pain bcs they hurt each other and they ask to be saved cause they can't understand each other anymore.They don't realize but they are killing each other.Something like if you and me are very close friends and I'm in deep pain I look happy but I'm dying inside and I want you to understand me/feel me .! They're invisible they don't see you they can't hear you.They don't understand each other anymore.

  • fairy of shampoo also sounds good!

  • fairy of shampoo also sounds good!

  • Bighit built that house for txt to burn.periodt~

  • You have to react to the cant you see me stage, it shows more of the coreography that it is dope!!

  • Dez: "That canary yellow hair is a pregnancy scare…"
    Me: 🤰

  • 20cm is my jam! That takes me back to the early to late 90s RnB feels.


  • 20cm is my fav song of txt♡♡♡♡

  • "the canary yellow hair is a pregnancy scare" my sister died when I told her you said that 😂

  • 5:34 well said Dezzy😌

  • Txt popped offfffff honestly. Also dezzy have you seen the vids that stray kids have been putting out?🥺 you should watch them

  • 5:30 this is how we all react when our favs comeback, don't even try to deny it

  • "That canary yellow hair is a pregnancy scare" made me giggle

  • Truest statement: if you’re subscribed to Dezzy you should be subscribed to BRISLIFE (and vice versa).

  • What makes me curious is why they almost always wear those high – under knees socks with shorts, like man what’s the point?? 😂 But ofc these boys just nailed it, everything in this mv is a masterpiece, soobin and taehyun are killing me everytime i watch this 👌🖤

  • Txt world domination! Taehyun vocal da nação

  • PLEASE react to
    SEVENTEEN performance team 13
    Lilili yabbay it's very good ! I love your réaction 💜

  • I really love your reaction on this Dezzy. Everything you've said are ON POINT. I love the humor and side puns you put in when reacting to it. LOOOOOOOVE IIIITTT!!!

  • New subscriber here hello my ultimate bias is beomgyu!

  • kai IS a grown man now! omg we see them grow in real time like what

  • ND LND L

    Author Reply

    You should watch their live stage of this song. Certain details in their choreo reveals some things about their storyline.

  • Love the new intro song! Waiting for blackpink comeback!!

  • Thanks for reacting. I have a new meme now hehehehe

  • 5:46 "all this hair colour should be illegal on them"
    beomgyu and kai who have natural black hair: …welp, we'll go for transparent hair then 😉

  • 2:35 His voice is sooooo sexy is it not?

  • YomiYomi

    Author Reply

    Thank you for appreciating our BEOMGYU!

  • Did you called taehyun " lil terry " ??

  • Pls also react to their fairy of shampoo performance.. it's so beautiful pls pls 🙏🙏

  • when you mentioned dirty diana, i immediately went "OH TRUE"

  • I like how effortlessly funny you are and how you kept calling Taehyun little Terry sknssksnsnsn

    Thank you for reacting to the MV


  • Yeesss 20cm was really giving me the r&b vibes and angel & devil is so underrated 😔 When you said Kai is and grown man now I FEEL THAT. Literally that's all I've been thinking the last day and a half and it's been messing with me. WHO ALLOWED THIS??? Dirty Diana is my shit, that's one of my favorite mj songs 🤧

  • "That exist in real life" yes do we even deserve beomgyu

  • Miss You Dezzy!!!