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(Walkthrough) Lego Racers 2

Come off it, all! I did the first one; did you really think you’d get away without the sequel? It’s like you don’t even know me. ;P

It’s quite different from the first game, and physics-engine ‘realism’ has been given precedence over sheer cartoonish glee, but it’s still an enjoyable little trot down memory lane. Disappointingly limited in most areas, unforgivably restrictive in several (despite its greater non-linearity, amusingly), but surprisingly liberal in a few.


Oh! And for those of you who’d rather be surprised by the worlds you visit in this game, refrain from scrolling down; spoilers (?) abound in the chapter list.

Said list, for your viewing convenience:
Intro and Character Creation – 0:00
Sandy Bay – 2:43
Bonus Games and Golden Bricks 1 – 3:15
Sandy Bay Races, 1-4 – 14:22, 17:03, 20:53, 25:51
Dino Island Intro and Customisation (!) – 31:19
Bonus Games and Golden Bricks 2 – 34:37
Dino Island Races 1-4 – 44:12, 48:30, 51:32, 56:18
Baron von Barron (Sam Sinister?) – 1:01:26
Arctic Intro and Customisation – 1:09:28
Bonus Games and Golden Bricks 3 – 1:11:57
Arctic Races 1-4 – 1:26:39, 1:29:53, 1:32:49, 1:37:03
The Berg – 1:40:36
Mars Intro and Customisation – 1:47:08
Bonus Games and Golden Bricks 4 – 1:49:53
Mars Races 1-4 – 2:00:46, 2:05:03, 2:09:14, 2:13:31
Riegel – 2:17:43
Xalax Intro and Customisation – 2:24:55
Bonus Games and Golden Bricks 5 – 2:26:24
Xalax Races 1-4 – 2:35:00, 2:37:49, 2:41:26, 2:44:58
Rocket Racer – 2:46:55
Credits – 2:53:43

(The post-credits ‘bonus’ is significantly less fun this time, but still present, if for no other reason than that I needed to share my disappointment.)


‘LEGO Racers 2’ is the property of LEGO Media and Attention to Detail, ©2001-2015.

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  • The Dino Island cars are the fastest cars on the game; I did a comparsion

  • The best part of this game to me as a kid were the voices

  • I finished LEGO Racers 2 in 4 months… I really like it even in 2019

  • Nossa muita nostalgia

  • Nostalgia!

  • so i'm 22.. Is it bad that i still enjoy playing this game? haha

  • Le 2 il est tellement élcaté par rapport au 1, choqué mdr

  • Had this in the background as I cleaned my flat. Man it was a neet feeling to dream away to old Lego worlds.

  • Man, I just love Dino island. Imagine making a fan game and walk around Lego Island 2 style trough the best part of the LR2 Dino Island map, mixed with the best parts of Lego Islands adventure Island. And maybe add parts and scenery from Amazon adventure alley and Tribal island trail.

    Many lego games had the same worlds but they all were different and had their own characters, imagine all of them coming together in one world.

  • I love how you rip into sparky hahaha.
    Heres to a thousand buster. Subscribed.

  • I always wanted to play as rocket racer when i was a kid it was something very important for a 6 year old. 10 years later i played it again and modded the hell out of it xD

  • They should make a lego racers 4

  • I Always thought wtf these new creatures were and didnt like it compared to the Original lego racers

  • JusJus

    Author Reply

    I always had to run the races…

  • Nice to get reacquainted with these two games the past couple days! Kind of tempts me to try and make a virtual machine to play them again. Thanks for posting the walkthroughs. :3

    I have to admit, though, I never noticed how… samey? So much of the hub worlds in this game are (aside from Xalax). Like, you've got an open field area, a wall-filled area with lots of alternate paths, an indoor area with a winding spaghetti bowl of roads, etc etc. Mars I still think is my favorite simply for the atmosphere/visuals, but man. I think I still prefer the first game over this, hah.

  • RyanRyan

    Author Reply

    I'd disagree that the races are easier. They are both challenging in their own ways.

  • Man, back when I was playing these Avatar the Last Airbender was still airing on Nick. At least the reruns were at this point.

    Please tell me I wasn't the only one who got so good at these games that it got too easy. I'd destroy Rocket Racer's car and finish the race in my car while he was still on foot.

    Nevertheless they were pretty challenging on the first run though as a youngster.

  • 30:49 When I played this game however for about gold bricks requirements for each worlds, it was a little different. For World 2, it was 4 not 5 (which just means you can go there after defeating everyone on Sandy Bay). 8 for World 3 and not 10, and 12 for World 4 and not 15. I could be wrong but that was the way it is when I played that game.

  • Damn, I looked forward to watch this with commentary 😛 Oh well.

  • 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!