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YouTubers Play LEGO Racers N64 – Little Carly & Ropo

YouTubers Little Carly & Ropo play LEGO Racers Nintendo 64 in Episode 1 of our first ever LEGO Retro Games series! Check back each week to see all of the exclusive video game content right here on LEGO Gaming. Comment below with your thoughts on the game and let us know which retro game you would like to see next!

Welcome to the LEGO Gaming channel a channel dedicated to all things LEGO Games. How awesome is that?! Hold on to your controllers as we take you through a world of walkthroughs, let’s play, countdowns and exciting LIVE gameplays. Not to mention our brand new LEGO Heads show, where we pit virtual and masterbuilders against each other in the ultimate LEGO battle, using LEGO Worlds.

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